Load All Your Apps From One Screen? Yes, It’s Possible!

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In the professional world, there is nothing better than having what you need at your fingertips. In the past, that meant a well-stocked stationery cabinet, but in the digital age it’s getting access to all your apps from one place.

When you have many different applications and systems in your organization, it becomes difficult for staff to know how to locate and launch the tools they need to do their job. On top of this, asking people to log in to applications or systems each time they load them becomes a dangerous combination of security risk and annoyance.

The App Launch Dashboard and many more features are available at your fingertips with Assertiv. Register your organization on our free plan and get up and running in minutes!

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Assertiv solves this problem for you with the App Launch Dashboard. Load all your applications into Assertiv and give your staff a friendly, single pane of glass view with everything they need at their fingertips.

Use the integrated Single Sign-On capability to let your staff automatically log in to your other applications. One Assertiv login accesses them all.

We also know that not all your staff need access to the same list of applications. Assertiv allows you to only show relevant applications to your staff based on their context. For example, only show the Customer Relationship Management application to your Sales team.

The App Launch Dashboard consolidates and simplifies a complex problem for many organizations. Having all your apps together brings clarity to your access management.

How it works?

To your users, the App Launch Dashboard couldn’t be simpler. They log in and are immediately shown the applications they have permission to access. Clicking or tapping on an application (it has a mobile friendly display too!) launches the application straight away.

You control who gets to load which application through our secure permissions system.

Why use Assertiv?

Assertiv has been specializing in Identity and Authentication solutions since 2016. Our feature rich platform solves a wide range of complex challenges, with the App Launch Dashboard a core component of what we do.

When you use Assertiv, you receive many benefits:

  • An expert team of Identity and Authentication specialists and developers. Our focus is on solving complex challenges such as consolidation of diverse application landscapes.
  • No additional servers required. Connect to our cloud hosted solution to use Assertiv immediately.
  • Ongoing support and enhancements of our solution. As a cloud product, we handle all patching and upgrades.
  • Ongoing testing of our solution improves confidence of a secure solution.
  • Highly scalable solution to cater for any number of users.
  • Assertiv is not limited to the App Launch Dashboard. There is a long list of included features you get at no additional cost.

Access Management is important to get right. Let Assertiv up-lift your access strategy with confidence. In fact, we’re so confident in the Assertiv product that we offer a free plan that you can use right away.

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For a secure, simple way of managing access to your company’s digital tools, while preventing security breaches.