Remove Passwords From Your Day-To-Day with Passwordless Login

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One of the common annoyances faced by corporate staff is the constant logging in to different applications during the work-day. These applications have various password requirements and before long staff are juggling a number of separate passwords.

Constantly entering passwords leads to password fatigue, which in turn leads to poor security practices such as password repetition and easily guessable passwords. This opens up your organization to simple automated attacks which compromises your digital assets.

The best way to improve your staff login experience and raise your cyber security profile is to eliminate the need for passwords altogether. With Assertiv this is possible. What’s better, is that with one Passwordless login, staff can access all of their applications.

Passwordless and many more features are available at your fingertips with Assertiv. Register your organization on our free plan and get up and running in minutes!

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Assertiv Passwordless Login

Assertiv is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management system. One of the key features of this is our Passwordless Login capability. Your staff get a push notification directly to their mobile device which logs users in by only having to supply a username. That’s it!

Passwordless Login is coupled perfectly with Assertiv’s App Launch Dashboard and Single Sign-On capability, these features are included in all Assertiv plans (even the free one). Your staff can login securely without a password and load corporate applications at the click (or tap) of a button.

How it works?

Passwordless Login is easily accessible from the Login screen on Assertiv. Your staff are sent a notification directly to their mobile device. All they need to do is match the number on screen with the number on their mobile device and Assertiv takes care of the rest.

Why use Assertiv?

Assertiv has been specializing in Identity and Authentication solutions since 2016. Our feature rich platform solves a wide range of complex challenges, with Passwordless Login a core component of what we do.

When you use Assertiv, you receive many benefits:

  • An expert team of Identity and Authentication specialists and developers. Our focus is on solving complex challenges such as consolidation of diverse application landscapes.
  • No additional servers required. Connect to our cloud hosted solution to use Assertiv immediately.
  • Ongoing support and enhancements of our solution. As a cloud product, we handle all patching and upgrades.
  • Ongoing testing of our solution improves confidence of a secure solution.
  • Highly scalable solution to cater for any number of users.
  • Assertiv is not limited to Passwordless Login. There is a long list of included features you get at no additional cost.

Access Management is important to get right. Let Assertiv up-lift your access strategy with confidence. In fact, we’re so confident in the Assertiv product that we offer a free plan that you can use right away.

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For a secure, simple way of managing access to your company’s digital tools, while preventing security breaches.